Student Laundry Service

Door to door, cost effective laundry service for students in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and Dorset

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Student Laundry Service

Life is for living not for chores! Free up valuable time and leave cleaning the clothes to the experts. Our student laundry service is a straightforward way for you to look fresh and clean. With regular collections and drop offs it is easy to keep on top of your laundry.

Life can be complicated so we want to give you a simple cost effective solution. If this is the first time you’ve been away from home, you may have relied on the laundry fairy (usually your mother!).  This fairy takes you dirty laundry from the floor, under the bed, behind the sofa or bathroom floor. It magically re-appears ready for you to wear a few days later.

Our service can be used as a one off, ad-hoc or a regular service. Please see our pricing page for the different packages.

Please call 01202618166for more information.

How Our Student Laundry Service Works

Put all your dirty laundry into bags (no need to sort out colours etc)

Give to our driver (regular days and times throughout the week)

We sort, wash, dry and fold your items

We bring your laundry back to you, clean and folded